Montepremi e classifiche di categoria :: Italian Open 2021

  • 24 – 31 Jul, 2021
  • FAI 2

The Competition will assign the title of “ITALIAN CHAMPION 2021”, with a minimum of 1500 points.
The Competition will assign the “Trofeo dei 100 Laghi 2021 OPEN”, with a minimum of 1 (one) flown task.

The following rankings will be produced:
– Open Class – International
– Open Class – Italian Championship
Female Category – International (with at least 5 participants)
Female Category – Italian Championship (with at least 5 participants)
– Serial Class – International
– Serial Class – Italian Championship
– Sport Class – International (with at least 5 participants)
– Team

OPEN Class
Includes all the partecipants (up to CCC certified gliders)

Includes all the partecipants, except pilots using:
– CCC (CIVL Competition Class) certified gliders;
– Any certified glider with Flat Aspect Ratio over 7.0;

Includes all the partecipants using B or C certified gliders

Winners must be present at the awards ceremony to collect the prize.
We do not accept proxies. Prizes not claimed will remain at the organization.

More about event on AirTribune dedicated space.