Hangglider Calendar 2019 & Cardgame Quartet ready for ordering

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The last couple of weeks I have been working on the new Hangglider Calendar 2019 and on the cardgame Quartet. Both of them ready for ordering at www.hanggliderproducts.com

In the Netherlands where I come from, there is pressure to our hanggliding sport. Terrains, flying rules, new students, new competition pilots, etc. My way of giving this a positive impulse and promote our sport is to make a better hangglider Calendar which is more interesting for a broader group of people.
The cardgame Quartet which I developed was already a longterm wish and I hope this cardgame will be played by people that are also non-hangglider pilots. I hope every player will like it and that people not yet flying a hangglider will get more interested in our beautiful sport.

Hangglider Calendar 
The Calendar has made a big change. These are a horizontal format (instead of vertical), one big photo (instead of adding 3 smaller photos), clean design with no sponsoring and a small story to every photo.
The photos are still made by pilots and photographers all over the world.

Cardgame Quartet
This 36 cards game has got nine categories: Legends, female pilots, social media heroes, harnesses, classes, clouds, places to fly, components, instruments. The cards fit in a cardboard box.

About me
The Hanggliding Calendar has never been a money maker. The main reason why I am doing this is that I like doing it. My professional work as website developer makes it easier to make a good working webshop and also I am able to work with Adobe Photoshop to design the Calendar and the Quartet. I hope you like the effort I do for the sport and the products I make and that you will support me by buying the Calendar & Quartet.

Kind regards,
Sander van Schaik

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